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NEW DISCOVERY!! LIKE ALCOHOL (WITHOUT THE SIDE EFFECTS) our "LIGHT" water produces GREAT blood flow and HIGH BLOOD OXYGEN THAT CAN "CURE" ANYTHING (WASHINGTON POST, sidebar)!! Also, by changing water properties, this is the ONLY water that destroys pathogenic bacteria (infectious diseases), the H1N1 virus and the H5N1 virus (8000 times more deadly)! Blood (94% WATER) can EASILY go through a membrane while producing such amazing results blood flow can be measured, in a non-invasive way, using doppler ultrasonography! UCLA MEDICAL SCHOOL M.D.: "WE TESTED EVERY TYPE OF WATER TO SEE WHICH WATER PRODUCES THE BEST BLOOD FLOW TO THE EXTREMITIES... NOTHING COMES EVEN CLOSE TO YOUR WATER!" POOR BLOOD FLOW signs of "old age", wrinkles (hydrates skin), even ED, weakness etc! Regulators allowed products using our water ("PUT IT WHERE IT HURTS") because results are determined on the skin (the doppler effect): The ability of blood to go through a membrane into the cells can be measured on the skin! Take a cloth, soak it in "Light" water and place it anywhere (the eyes *below) or as a typical example: "I am Diabetic and my foot turned black, I soaked my foot in your water while I watched TV. I was a week away from having my foot amputated. The skin turned rosy pink! Thank GOD for your discovery!" M.D. (After a man regrew the tip of his finger):"AMAZING!" THE WASHINGTON POST ARTICLE (sidebar) confirms my PATENTS: "The curative power results in..." (10,000 people/day simply by changing the PROPERTIES of water)!! When I was in Exuma, Bahamas they said: "How old do you think that man is?" They agreed between 38 and 48. I am 79. Blood flow!! Also, I remove the Drugs & Disease Markers flushed into the "pure" water you are drinking now (Washington Times.The AP called me 3/10/08, below). After 36 years in business and over 200,000 users, the results are well documented! CHECK: "WATER SCAMS EXPOSED" *"Scientific Data" (sidebar), Organa LabTest /Letter PROOF: The purest water spreads disease (*Virus & Bacteria Chart & the coming plague, History Channel), Dole Foods (below)! Inspired by God, even science can't explain how this made us famous for "CURING ANYTHING"! You may win $10,000. to $1,000,000.(below)!

ORDER BOTTLED WATER 570 296-0214 < click (more Testimonials)! ORDER A MACHINE: CALL 845 754-8696 OR (click on"Order) 3 OUT OF 4 PEOPLE WILL GET CANCER AND 97% OF ALL MEN WILL DEVELOP PROSTATE PROBLEMS BECAUSE THEIR IMMUNE SYSTEMS HAVE BEEN COMPROMISED BY VIRUSES AND BACTERIA THAT ARE THE CAUSE OF ANY PROBLEM YOU CAN NAME!! LOOK AT THE DESTRUCTION TIMES ON THE VIRUS AND BACTERIA DESTRUCTION CHART! THEY AREN'T EASY TO DESTROY AND EACH VIRUS AND BACTERIUM HAS A DIFFERENT DESTRUCTION TIME (Scientific Data, sidebar)! WE HAVE THE ONLY PRODUCT THAT ALLOWS ENOUGH DESTRUCTION TIME to PRODUCE WATER that stops disease and the results are well documented (UCLA, Organa, Dole Foods etc)! Read The Washington Post article and you will discover what 10,000 people per day had to say about cancer, high blood cholesterol and our machines: "CURES ANYTHING!" 10,000 people/day with the SAME RESULTS can't be wrong! Small amounts can treat vast quantities of water: That's why, running water from our machines into a well, treated 10,000 people/day; you are releasing some of the awsome power of hydrogen in the water! Hydrogen can power your car! I received an invitation to speak at a Medical Convention in Las Vegas where the main topic of the evening was: "The Mighty Power Of Hydrogen"!! I discovered how to release the energy locked up in the water molecule that has resulted in a fantastic reception from the medical community because of it's widespread implications in the treating and prevention of disease! Also, by changing the PROPERTIES of water nobody can refute the fact that small amounts can treat vast quantities of water because it has been done thousands of times and with a full page ad in the Washington Times every week for 12 years, even they will tell you they receive phone calls from our customers ranging from the Los Alamos Nuclear Lab to Johns Hopkins! With a 600 million Washington, DC investment, thousands of machines have been sold because of their wide spread influence in the scientific community! This technology is an exciting discovery that is saving lives all over the contribution to mankind! If you buy our bottled water, mix one ounce into a gallon of the water you are drinking now or better yet, buy a machine and drink it straight! DON'T DRINK ORDINARY WATER! Give yourself a break and release some of the ENERGY in water by changing the PROPERTIES (develop Super Strength at any age; Longevity Course, sidebar), which also changes the solubility, and you can SEE the measurable (non-invasive dopplar) blood flow to the extremities speed up (UCLA, above) including your REACTION TIME that can save your life!! As a Honeywell Engineer, anyone driving a company car had to be tested (yellow light to red). After testing thousands of Engineers, my reaction time was so fast they thought the machine was broken! With an INCREASE in solubility (since your BLOOD IS 94% WATER), after about two days of drinking water from our machine, your urine will be BRIGHT YELLOW (even light brown or green) and smell to high heaven as it cleans you out with an increase in blood flow to the extremities!! In similar fashion, it cleaned out the pipe coming up to our tap from our well, the solids are 1/2 what they used to be!! This INCREASE in BLOOD FLOW SAVED A LITTLE GIRL'S FINGER ("click to view", bottom of the page)! This isn't an "opinion" because clumping (Erythrocyte Aggregation) that impedes measurable blood flow can be SEEN, which can precede a blood clot that can cause a stroke or heart attack, with "Before" and "After" blood analysis: CLICK HERE (then click "Above PHD", then John Ellis, scroll down). These blood tests can save your life!! Anyone can DO THESE TESTS before they become a statistic!! HIGH BOND ANGLE WATER! "Cures Anything!": (Washington Post). WE HAVE PROVEN THAT ORDINARY WATER PRODUCTS DON'T WORK USING THE "SCIENTIFIC METHOD" (NOT "opinions"), WITH TESTS that all honest scientists use, using the **Charts and TESTS on this website!! Read what happened to a retired SFU chemistry professor that was ostracized for ignoring this scientific principle (below)! What would he say to a diabetic that lost his leg (blood flow) or to a beautiful little girl if she had lost her finger to further his own agenda? You can't go any lower! We thank the University for taking this unprecedented action that is saving thousands of lives!! Academia knows our machines recycyle water 100's of cycles/gallon to allow enough Destruction Time and produce this unique water that will "Cure Anything" with plenty of representative examples on this website! Years ago, scientists at the largest Government Research Facility in the country called us around the clock to protect their families because the groundwater was contaminated with radiation and we have the ONLY product that recycles the water 100's of times/gallon to get rid of the radiation! We still have the letters, on the Brookhaven National Laboratory letterhead, on file. Now, with an even greater terrorist threat, we see an even larger market developing: CALL US IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS! Customers tell us it's the best phone call they ever made!! These tests have been done repeatedly over the years and M.D.'s agree with the results because even if you don't have a machine, bottled water is available that clearly shows a fast change in the blood (94% water) which explains the increase in blood flow and the phenominal results reported in The Washington Post article including studies at UCLA and elsewhere!! If you looked at **THE VIRUS AND BACTERIA DESTRUCTION CHART (Scientific Data, sidebar), you realize that ordinary distillers and purifiers DON'T ALLOW ENOUGH DESTRUCTION TIME to PRODUCE WATER that can stop the CAUSE of any disease you can name!! FILTERS ARE MAKING PEOPLE SICK (viruses and bacteria trapped inside the filter escape into the water)!! Cut apart a charcoal filter and you will see that your drinking water passes through a black, bacterial ooze (none allow enough destruction time; antibacterial additives are useless, the most dangerous have mutated)! "It's illegal to hide these material facts from buyers"(below)! Also, the best "purifiers" don't remove the markers for the diseases of former users that are flushed down toilets and end up in our water supplies, finally expressing themselves in a blood test! If you live in an area where there is a lot of cancer, you are more likely to get cancer, MS etc. Just passing water through a product ONCE (even 10 times) won't do much of anything from a medical standpoint!! DON'T BE FOOLED! In addition to the above, that's why the water PRODUCED by these products can't kill the VIRUSES & BACTERIA ON THE CHART and scientists know that (regardless of purity) they SPREAD all the diseases of former users!! We want to thank our customers that buy machines including multiple bottled water orders for their family and friends...even as Holiday Gifts! The gift of life is the finest gift you can give to anyone and if you scroll down to "DISCOVERY" and representative examples ("click to view" bottom of the page) you will understand why doctors tell us that nobody can argue with the results because this is a great medical discovery that can be SEEN and MEASURED!! Inspite of the fact I have an Engineering Degree that includes Steam Plant Design, there are thousands of water Dealers and their shills that are causing a great deal of harm due to their duplicity! Regardless of how "educated" they may appear (those that CAN'T...teach!) with NO degrees in this field, they quote antiquated textbooks that don't teach this new technology! ASK for a Lab Test (using lab standards) proving they can make "pure, 0.1 water"! They CAN'T produce pure water because our patented "start-stop" boiling (that lowers the Steam Velocity) produces the best water tests in our industry (York Labs:827 purer than the tap water compared to our CLOSEST competitor ONLY 9 times purer!). More importantly, let's see a test proving they can PRODUCE TWO TYPES of water that can kill Viruses and Pathogenic Bacteria (they can't produce ONE) or produce water that gives good blood flow...they can't do that either or stop the red blood cell clumping, slowing down blood flow, that can be SEEN using dopplar ultrasound and can lead to a stroke or heart attack! CALL US IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS!! We spend alot of time with our customers before and after the sale. Many of our customers have been with us for over 30 years and have become great personal friends that have visited our beautiful Shohola, Pa property!


The swine flu virus H1N1 and bird flu virus H5N1 (below) is so serious the World Health Organization may call for mandated vaccinations! People that won't listen and naysayers will disappear because as viruses mutate, most of the world's population may eventually die in a pandemic like they did in the 1350 plague (History Channel).This isn't far fetched when you consider that ordinary distillers/filters PRODUCE WATER that can't even kill pathogenic bacteria or viruses because THEY DON'T TREAT WATER LONG ENOUGH TO DESTROY THEM (YOU are 75% water, BLOOD is 94% water!) and yet this is the water people drink?? Then they wonder why they develop "health problems"! LOOK AT THE DESTRUCTION TIMES on the VIRUS AND BACTERIA DESTRUCTION CHART (Scientific Data on this website) that can develop into ANY HEALTH PROBLEM OR DISEASE you can name! Our machines reprocess water 100's of times/gallon (not ONCE) with intense ultraviolet radiation AND intense heat to get them all!! YOU AND YOUR FAMILY SHOULD BE CONCERNED because the bird flu virus (H5N1) is 8000 times more deadly than the H1N1 virus and traces of the H5N1 virus were found in flu vaccines by several laboratories (MORE DETAILS BELOW)! Again, since your blood is 94% water, why would people purposely drink water that can't even kill the viruses and bacteria on the Destruction Chart?? Hopefully, this was a manufacturing mistake and it isn't a receipe for world depopulation as conspirator lawsuits have charged: "To transfer control of the United States to WHO, the U.N. and affiliated security forces!" In any case, "" website provides a diabolical scenario to this possibility with further details below!


Here is a simple explanation as to how this works: Put a pot of water on a stove and turn on the heat. The molecular bond angle between the hydrogen atoms in H20 is around 104 degrees. As water heats up on the stove, the heat causes the molecules to expand and the hydrogen bond angle gradually opens up until you finally produce steam with a 120 degree bond angle. That's why hot soup, hot coffee or tea, with a wider bond angle, has a temporary stimulating effect! With a wider bond angle, you are getting BETTER BLOOD FLOW to the extremities (UCLA)! However, as ordinary water cools down, it will revert right back to 104 degrees. I discovered that if you heat and cool water often enough, 100's of times per gallon (the exact details that are proprietary aren't revealed in the world wide patents), the bonds will permanently break down and MAINTAIN a bond angle of around 114 degrees, confirmed by UCLA. They tested the water to see why it gave such phenominal blood flow: "Nothing is even close to your water and we have tested them all! YOUR WIDER BOND ANGLE PRODUCES THE BEST BLOOD FLOW TO THE EXTREMITIES!" That's why it saves diabetics limbs from amputation (just soaking their limbs in the water, top of the page). Users look younger etc..BLOOD FLOW!! We receive these reports almost daily: "I no longer have diabetes!" and the list goes on...THIS WORKS! The elderly notice their grey hair gradually turning darker. Gary Heller from Indiana sends us pictures of his English sheep dogs..long grey hair turning dark! His wife was scheduled for triple bi-pass surgery: You don't need it!" Again, BLOOD FLOW! We have 1000's of letters on any subject because it's a simple answer to any problem you can's all about good blood flow to the extremities! With a wider bond angle, your blood can hold more oxygen coming into your lungs (it's not "putting oxygen in water" because that oxygen never gets into your blood stream!). We learned this from the VA Hospitals. Men with accute emphysema didn't need to pull oxygen tanks around in carts, hanging on to railings to get their breath (click on "Testimonials" for a representative example, COPD)! They didn't need oxygen and users get STRONGER!! When I was almost 70, I reverse curled a weight over the world record in front of witnesses and I usually don't lift heavy weights! Again, superior blood flow produced results and the Russian that set the record was a young dedicated weight lifter! As stated, if you keep heating water you will produce steam with a 120 degree bond angle. However, in ordinary "one pass" distilling, the bonds COLLAPSE from 120 degrees (steam) to ONLY 101 degrees (typical distilled water)! Tests at UCLA Medical School, confirming The Washington Post article, proved that the tightest bond angle (101 degrees) produced the LOWEST solubility and the WORST blood flow to the extremities...ordinary water (104 degrees) wasn't much better with no change in blood parameters!! 97% of all men end up with prostate problems. This is one of the major killers of men because they don't get a regular blood test and if you have an elevated PSA, they want it to come down as fast as possible!! One man just faxed me his doctor was amazed that it dropped like a rock in ONLY 4 days (the doctor said it would normally take 3 months with treatment)! You can meet these people and listen to their success stories at the Pavillion on our Shohola, Pa property...just buy a machine! All we are doing is confirming the many reports including the Washington Post that we are allowed to quote:"This Cures Anything!" Call us or you may end up with more than you bargained for! We receive letters and phone calls evey day on this subject because it's a growing epidemic! My degrees include The Choate School (alot of notables went there including Jack Kennedy) and an Engineering Degree from Lafayette College, Easton, Pa. However, there is alot of confusion in the water industry because the Chemical Engineering textbooks back in the early 50's, when I was in school, taught that you couldn't PERMANENTLY change the hydrogen bond angle in water and my Engineering professor taught exactly that until I proved that it COULD BE CHANGED! As a result, he gave me the only grade of 100 he had given in 30 years of teaching!! Unfortunately, although this has been disproven by many scientists, there may still be retired chemistry professors that believe what their textbooks taught many years ago in spite of the overpowering results to the contrary! Don't they wonder what is happening when they have their morning cup of coffee?? As an example: One former Chemistry Professor (above) is patently dishonest because he ignores the accepted "scientific method" and instead issues "opinions" without ANY tests that would refute his own misguided opinions. To maintain his credibility, all he had to do was perform the tests done by UCLA, Dole Foods etc (the "scientific method")! Instead, as a result of his duplicity, he was told to take down a picture of the SFU campus from his website (used to increase his credibility) AND to state that: "His chemistry lessons are "No longer officially supported"!! He also lost support because his chemistry courses, that are PLAGARIZED, also ENCOURAGE the use of toxic chemicals and he engages in further criminal behavior by encouraging the illegal use of Registered Trademarks (John Ellis and John Ellis Water)! This man has a problem with us because you don't need chemicals with our water (Dole Foods, wells and waste lagoons) that help the environment WITHOUT TOXIC CHEMICALS while protecting humanity and wildlife! Search: "chemistry SFU category group", and click "Retired Faculty" and you would see that his name or his picture are no longer listed (as of November 2009)! Most retired professors also have "emeritus" after their name if they have made a contribution to their particular field! In any case, all water molecules do NOT have a 104.5 hydrogen bond angle! This is an AVERAGE, as they continually change and rebond in the same way that all water has some heavy water molecules (D2O, deuterium)! Almost 60 years ago, when I was in Engineering School, there were more molecules at 108 degrees as evidenced by a change in solubility and the largest cancer research center in the world knows there is a link in this change and cancer! With a wider hydrogen bond angle, the blood can hold more oxygen coming into the lungs and cancer cells can't surive (Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize Twice). We learned this from VA Hospitals: Men pulling oxygen tanks around in carts didn't need oxygen! Our project manager, that runs our Shohola, Pa property, is one of ONLY eight people in a multibillion dollar cancer research study at the largest cancer research center in the world, so we have plenty of feedback on the subject!! Look at the chart that the FTC reviewed even before this study was completed with an "inoperable" patient ("A picture is worth a thousand words!", sidebar) and the comments by Otto Warburg (Nobel Prize Twice)! I received a phone call this week where fulvic acid was being used as an agricultural spray (also used as a human nutritional supplement) because: "This is the only water that will keep the fulvic acid in suspension!" A WIDER BOND ANGLE INCREASES SOLUBILITY!! I used the solubility results to figure out how to change the PROPERTIES of water with results that can be SEEN and MEASURED! When you go for a physical the FIRST thing they do is test your blood, looking for signs of disease!! That's why water is so important! If you see water go through a distiller, filter, reverse osmosis, ozone or "ionizing" alkaline water machine ONE TIME (even 10 times), it's not doing very much of anything from a MEDICAL standpoint!!That's why M.D.'s tell us this is a great medical breakthrough!

I invented this home water machine as a result of the accurate predictions by Otto von Bolschwing (declassified by the CIA)!! I knew the man personally and you can read about him (below) and on "About The Inventor"(sidebar)! Again, look at the extraordinary destruction times required to destroy deadly Viruses and Bacteria on the Destruction Chart!! They aren't easy to destroy! We have the only product on the market that ALLOWS ENOUGH TIME TO DESTROY THEM by recycling water 100's of times/gallon (not ONCE)! That's why THE WATER PRODUCED by our machines will kill pathogens that cause severe health problems when the purest water from distillers and filters won't...the water passes through these products only ONCE (even 10 times is a waste of time!) and yet people drink water that can't kill pathogens! Also, Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize twice: "Cancer cells can't survive in a high blood oxygen environment!" 97% of all men end up with prostate problems!! It's not putting "oxygen in water" because that oxygen never gets into your blood stream (read below)! They asked us if we could do this and "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words" (sidebar) was reviewed by the FTC and a portion was blacked out before tests were completed. This is an insight into the phenominal results that were later confirmed by UCLA (blood flow) and the Washington Post article that we can quote (10,000 people/day, "cures anything", sidebar) with further confirmation from users!! An aerospace firm builds the transformers and Corning helped us with the bulbs that produce oxygen every time the water is recycled through the machine! They are amazed that this little machine can make two types of water (either produces unparalleled results) and yet it takes up an area only 8" by 14" on your kitchen counter! The widespread results outlined by the Washington Post article prompted the FDA to come here and photograph the machine! A woman called us recently and said: "My husband's skin is so smooth he looks like a young man again!" GO TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE and "click to view": (John Ellis Water Review). We have thousands of similar reports on any subject that explains why water has to be recycled 100's of times/gallon to produce these results...not ONCE!! After reading the review, you will see why:

NAYSAYERS LOSE LAWSUITS TO OUR CUSTOMERS! One Judge ruled: "There is a lack of credibility!" because our water is readily available to anyone for testing (read the bottom of the page)!! Although heretofore scientists readily admit our discovery was unknown to medical science (we couldn't have worldwide patents if it was already known), the results produced by our machines can't be disputed (Dole Foods, Organa, UCLA etc)!! Also, C&S the largest independent food distributor in the country (20 billion/year sales), wants so much bottled water we are developing machines to produce enough water to meet the demand! They tell us they have spent over one million dollars and a year checking us out because they wouldn't jump in with both feet if it wasn't one of the great discoveries of the century! It isn't easy to meet the incredible demand (after The Washington Post article we stopped counting at over 100,000 users) because each gallon is processed 100's of times/gallon...not ONCE, to change the properties of water and produce these results! Also, The Washington Times: "We have had at least 50 phone calls ranging from Los Alamos to Johns Hopkins. They all have your machines!" That's why we have never had EVEN ONE MEDICAL DOCTOR from a major university or institution dispute the results and they buy our machines because many of them know the research scientist that initiated the blood flow studies personally.. an M.D. that taught at the UCLA MEDICAL SCHOOL where the studies were conducted!! There are thousands of water Dealers and their shills that hide their personal agenda. However, these Naysayers won't be around during a world pandemic because their purest distilled and filtered water can't even kill pathogenic bacteria (above) that depresses the immune system that causes a host of problems including the H1N1 VIRUS and the bird flu virus (H5N1 spreading from Indonesia) is 8000 times more deadly than the H1N1 virus (L. Garrett, Council on Foreign Relations)! VIRUSES AND BACTERIA ARE DIFFICULT TO DESTROY and although it may be conspiratorial, you should search: "" to see the serious nature of this threat to you and your family, along with the world population, after traces of H5N1 bird flu virus were found by several laboratories in the H1N1 vaccine supplied by pharmaceutical giant Baxer to AVIR Biotech!! Hopefully, this was a manufacturing mistake but it has resulted in lawsuits ("") against the World Health Organization, the United Nations and several U.S. government officials claiming they are part of a plot to depopulate the United States using tainted vaccines. Although this may be a "conspiracy theory" run a muck, our patents show we have the ONLY machine in the world that recycles water with intense radiation AND intense heat to PROTECT Americans! Also, if you read "About The Inventor" (sidebar), you will realize what Otto von Bolschwing (CIA) was talking about when coupled with the legal challanges on the website ""! Otto would have been as famous as Werner von Braun except the CIA kept his identity secret until his background was declassified by the CIA and they released his dossier with a shocking surprise (click on "About The Inventor")! I knew him personally and he accurately predicted what is happening today! Look at the Virus and Bacteria Destruction Time Chart ("Scientific Data", sidebar) i.e. divide by 254 and you have the incredible amount of time required to destroy these deadly Viruses and Bacteria! The FDA is going after 100's of phony companies that are saying they can "destroy" the H1N1 virus!! All you have to do is look at the Bacteria and Virus Destruction Times on the Chart and you will see they are lying like the bloggers with their hidden agendas in the water industry while producing water that CAN'T destroy anything!! Again, these mutated viruses aren't easy to destroy! Many viruses and bacteria are so deadly they survive boiling!! That's another reason distillers and "purifiers" are USELESS and why we recycle water 100's of times/gallon (not ONCE) with high intensity ultraviolet radiation AND intense heat (the heaters come out of water about 3 times/minute)!! The Organa Test is one out of 100's of examples! If you consumed the product using ANY other water it would probably KILL YOU!! Why are children and adults PURPOSELY drinking water that can't kill viruses and bacteria when YOUR BLOOD IS 94% WATER?? Dah! Most importantly, we have the ONLY product that PRODUCES WATER THAT STOPS DISEASE ("light" distilled or "light" tap water) and nothing is even close for blood flow (94% water)! We also have the best water tests (York Labs, sidebar): 827 times purer than the tap water compared to our closest competitor...only 9 times purer)! The reason Home Distillers can't make pure water is the HIGH STEAM VELOCITY that causes pollutant carryover including viruses and bacteria that survive boiling!! That's why we recycle water 100's of times/ gallon with intense heat and ultraviolet radiation (above)!! Scientists call our patented method "START-STOP" lower the steam velocity and carryover. Hence the above results! Billions of dollars has been spent by Corning (lab stills) and industry to lower steam velocity using baffles and steam entrainment separators...our method is the least expensive. CORNING: "Your lab tests are better than ours and this is a great way to get rid of organics!" Home water distillers/filters, reverse osmosis etc advertise "PURE WATER" but where are the tests using the 0.1 ppm TOTAL MATTER lab standard for pure water that proves it?? THEY DON'T HAVE ANY because they want to fool you into thinking you are drinking "pure" water instead of giving you this TOTAL for a host of pollutants and yet dishonest companies advertise "100% Pure Water! Water Scams Exposed! Free Report: Which Water Should You Drink?" while selling Government recalled distillers that cause serious health problems! However (most importantly), the "light" distilled or "light" tap water produced by our machines stops disease while producing great blood flow to the extremities! Obviously, no other product in the world can do ANY of the above in spite of the fact: "It's illegal for water Dealers to hide material facts from buyers that they need to know to make an informed buying decision!" As a result, families PURPOSELY drink water that cause disease because the water industry and their shills are lying to them!! How about the pancreatic cancer caused by alkaline water "ionizers" because the pancreas is working overtime to maintain the digestive juices at 1-1.5 ph necessary for proper food digestion? THIS IS UNCONSCIONABLE!!(click:*"Ellis Estate" top of the page, scroll down). *Our profits support this historical property for the enjoyment of future generations and (politics aside) 3000 Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and disadvantaged youngsters that represent the future of our country! Let's take the H1N1 virus: After looking at the Virus and Bacteria Destruction Chart (Scientific Data, sidebar) and the long exposure times required to destroy them, you must realize that eventually, as they mutate and grow stronger and stronger, this virus or a mutated bacterium will hit us big time and millions of people will die unnecessarily because ordinary distillers/filters etc are USELESS! After 36 years in business, we have seen what has happened to people that ignored what we are saying on this website ! Many are either "over educated people with all the answers" that are dead because they outsmarted themselves or people that are living a miserable life with a host of health problems! As stated above, I am almost 80 years of age and living a GREAT life (so can you!) and yet people think I am in my 40's because I don't lie to the public! A man called recently and said: " When I was 80 I had everything wrong with me including cancer, so I wrote out my will and bought one of your older machines. That's why I am still alive! I am 103 and I want the best machine you manufacture!" I kidded him with the comment: "It took 20 years to figure that out?" of thousands of great success stories! Unfortunately, people usually deserve what they reap! If your mother told you not to touch the stove and you burn yourself because you ignored her, who is responsible? WARNING: Since you are 75% water (blood 94% water), the ONLY way you can kill pathogenic bacteria or a virus and "cure" anything is to remove them before they express themselves (when it may be too late) by recyling the water 100's of times/gallon..NOT ONCE!! The UCLA Medical School study CONFIRMED an even more astounding discovery and confirmation as to why our water "cures anything": At 114 degrees, our hydrogen bond angle is greater than ordinary water (104 degrees) AND hydrogen peroxide (111 degrees) that kills viruses and bacteria! However, you can't drink hydrogen peroxide straight but you can drink our water and produce better results because you are also producing GREAT blood flow! Also, our water is just below ozone at 116 degrees and the ultraviolet bulb in our boiler produces O3 that quickly breaks down into much needed oxygen and nacent oxygen. Scientists know (under certain conditions), if you combine two substances the resulting substance will acquire those properties! That's why, using a proprietary method that recycles water 100's of times/gallon to eliminate unwanted properties, our water (with a 114 degree molecular bond angle) takes on the properties of O3 and hydrogen peroxide!! Like a UCLA M.D. said: "The results speak for themselves!" As a result, we have the ONLY water that stops disease and the "Organa Test" (sidebar) is just one out of 100's of examples! The "Organa Test" is important because meat, fish and eggs have one thing in common: their rapid decomposition and putrefaction. This generates virulent poisons, mostly in the colon. Knowing that, why are people surprised when they develop serious health problems?? Meat can have as high as 1,500,000 decay producing bacteria/gram , fish 125,000,000 and several day old eggs can contain fantastic amounts including the e-coli (feces) on fruits and vegetables! However, although they are putrefactive and pathogenic (disease causing), they are also excellent sources of nutrition and people shouldn't drink even "pure" distilled/filtered water knowing that they can't kill pathogens! A human waste lagoon at La Salle, CO, that smelled for miles, with over 10 million gallons of fecal coliform is another example. Only 1000 gallons of our "light" tap water was needed to get rid of the smell! Also, Dole Foods (Order Number 290-12506) after 9 months of testing: "We don't need chemicals! This water stops disease!!" and it won't bother "good" bacteria, only pathogens! As a result of the above, people "don't feel well" and they quickly age as they try to find answers to their health problems. They should look at the "pure" water they are drinking that can't stop disease!! Against a mutated virus, the only chance you and your family have to survive is to recycle the water that spreads these diseases (AP article) 100's of times/gallon through our machines!! NOT ONCE! How can people be so dumb and not understand that?? Dah! The decision you make may save your life and we have thousands of customers to prove it! Also, read THE WASHINGTON POST ARTICLE (sidebar):10,000 people/day going to get our water that has so much healing power, "light" tap water from our machine was run into a well continually because so many people were showing up for water (normally treating a well ONE TIME is enough). "Said to cure cancer and high cholesterol" (Washington Post article, sidebar) has been confirmed by the thousands of user reports we receive...after two days of drinking water from our machine, your urine will turn bright yellow and smell to high heaven as it "cleans you out" (below)!! Also, from the article: "The curative power REQUIRES "movements" of water from one metal tank to another" (This describes our many worldwide patents). We reprocess water between two tanks 100's of times/gallon...not ONCE/gallon (NO CURATIVE POWER)!! WATCH OUT: If you Search: "Tlacote" and "Tlacote john ellis", you will see that in recent years dishonest water purifier sellers and some "naysayers" are using the internet to take advantage of our success! Ask for their patents describing the "movements" of water between two metal tanks as described in the Washington Post article!! They don't have any because WE HAVE THOSE PATENTS! They weren't even in business when they started writing articles about this discovery that has helped thousands of people! They can trace us back to The University of MN (dairy farm) years ago, and the 200 wells done by a young girl that finally resulted in Tlacote, a La Salle CO "untreatable" municipal waste lagoon and Dole Foods! Now, THOUSANDS of wells have been done using this technology! I wasn't aware of Tlacote until a man at a New York Airport ran up to me with a jug of water and said: "Thousands of people are going to Tlacote to get your water!" One man called recently and said his mother had breast cancer and he flew down to Tlacote: "I found out where you are and bought your machine. She is fine now!" Click: "TESTIMONIALS" (sidebar)! Any Engineer will tell you the hydrogen bonds in water are constantly changing. I am a graduate of The Choate School (Jack Kennedy and other notables went there) and Lafayette College with an Engineering Degree that includes Steam Plant Design. Our customer list looks like a "Who's Who"..some of the world's top scientists and Engineers! The hydrogen bonds in water constantly break down and revert back to 104 degreesI However, I discovered that if you heat and cool water OFTEN ENOUGH (100's of times/gallon in a proprietary way) the hydrogen bonds will permanently weaken and open up the hydrogen bond angle from 104 degrees to 114 degrees, producing better blood flow (blood is 94% water)! Also, with a wider bond angle, your blood can hold more oxygen coming into your lungs! It's not "putting oxygen in water" because that oxygen never gets into your blood stream!! VA hospitals: Men with acute emphysema don't have to carry oxygen tanks and in addition, Otto Warburg (Nobel Prize twice) said: "Cancer cells can't survive in a high blood oxygen environment!" We make it easier for the body to break down water into hydrogen and oxygen and you reap the phenominal benefits!! Tests by a UCLA doctor (and others) who taught at the UCLA Medical School confirmed our hydrogen bond angle at 114 degrees because they wondered why this water produced unequaled blood flow. They tested every water product and type of water available! Like they said: "You can't argue with something you can measure and we can measure blood flow!" 97% OF ALL MEN END UP WITH PROSTATE PROBLEMS... ORDINARY WATER can't kill germs (above) and they collect in the prostate! We have 100's of good reports!! The tightest bond angle (ordinary distilled 101 degrees) produced the worst blood flow and statistics prove ordinary water isn't much better...averaging around 104.5 degrees. Proof? ANYONE can easily pass our water and (at first) you will go more you out!

Naysayers always reap the grim consequences because they deceive the public and themselves, causing any health problem you can name! They deserve what they reap but how about the innocent people affected by their dishonesty (the diabetics that lose limbs or the little girl who would have lost her finger and the man that would have lost his ear to melanoma, below)? Why do you suppose they won't do the tests on this website?? It's because distillers and "purifiers" don't remove the drugs and disease markers that people flush down their toilets! If they did the water coming OUT of these products would stop disease but they don't...they SPREAD disease!! The "Organa Test" and Dole Foods are some examples...out of 100's that prove it!! THAT'S WHY THEY WON'T DO THESE TESTS! The AP called me (after reading my ads) and wrote a major news article: "57 drugs in the Philadelphia drinking water affecting 41 million people" just that one area! This would also include the markers for diseases that they flush down their toilets, along with the drugs they are taking, into the drinking water (recycled toilet water)! All water has these drugs...a "drug cocktail"! I have stated this for years, in major publications, that prove I am the first one to mention it!

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to the woman who produced the website extolling the virtues of our water! This was a wonderful thing to do when you consider she isn't selling a product or asking for anything in return...: "If it were not for the John Ellis Water, I have no confidence I could survive the barrage of viruses, pathogens and otherwise dangerous cooties being coughed my way. Unlike many scoffers, I have direct experience with John Ellis Water and know it to be more effective than anything including blood purifiers." To view click here

Cynthia Kerns saved a little girl's finger! To view click here This is why customers add our water to their bath water and soak in it (especially diabetics, top of the page) for better blood flow! i.e. The widest molecular bond angle produces the best blood flow through a membrane (UCLA) and it stops disease that depresses the immune system and shortens your life because at 114 degrees, it's wider than hydrogen peroxide (111 degrees)! As stated, scientists know (under certain conditions) when you combine two substances with another substance, the resulting substance will acquire those properties. In this case, 03 and hydrogen peroxide while also producing the best blood flow! The UCLA medical studies proved that the worst blood flow is produced by ordinary distilled water (101 degrees) and ordinary water (104 degrees) isn't much better. That's why neither water kills pathogens regardless of purity!! One man was scheduled to have his ear surgically removed (melanoma) so he could receive a prosthetic ear. Like the little girl and the diabetic (top of the page), his ear had turned black. A friend gave him some water from his machine. He went home and reclined on the sofa with his ear immersed in the water. Later that night, after his ear had turned rosy pink, he returned to his friend and banged on the door to wake him up so he could ask him to make some more water. His friend had saved his ear! Better water absorption is achieved through the skin with our water because with a wider bond angle the molecular attraction between the hydrogen atoms has been diminished allowing for easier passage through a membrane in the same way that our water allows blood (94% water) to easily pass through a membrane to the extremities! Is it any wonder that one man said: "This is the Health Plan I need"?

YOU MAY WIN $10,000. TO $1,000,000.!! We have spent around $700,000/year for full page ads in major publications for years! However, rather than spend all this money on print advertising, we could give it to our customers that provide most of our sales with "word of mouth" advertising! All they have to do is provide details of the results they have had using our water to back up the Washington Post article that we are allowed to use. Many of the results are on this website. Also, at the top of the page: "Put It Where It Hurts" was allowed by regulators because the results are determined on the skin! CLICK ON THE TWO EXAMPLES IMMEDIATELY ABOVE (in red) which includes "Cynthia Kerns saved a little girl's finger!" We won't use your name unless you tell us otherwise! Scientists at Corning (the best lab stills) called me because they knew I had made a revolutionary discovery when this little home machine produced water a phenominal 827 times purer than tap water (York Labs, sidebar) when our closest competitor made water only 9 times purer! Nothing else is even close!! MORE IMPORTANTLY, when they tested our light tap water and found that only small amounts of the water was required to "treat" vast quantities of water because of the incredible power of hydrogen locked up in the water molecule, they REALLY became excited!! In other words, TWO things had been accomplished:1) A water machine had been invented that could be used to produce water with a purity unequaled anywhere in the world (if a person wished to do so) and 2) MOST IMPORTANTLY had produced a little home machine that could be used to "Cure Anything" by unlocking the awsome power of HYDROGEN found in every water molecule on the planet!! This had never been done before. After 36 years in business, we have saved thousands of letters from users that have been "cured of anything you can name" including the "incurable"! This led to the outreach program tests by the University of Minnesota that finally ended up with the Washington Post article, confirmed by doctors at UCLA Medical School, Lawrence Livermore Lab, Brookhaven National Laboratories and other institutions of higher learning. CALL US IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS! Buy bottled water or better yet, buy a will be glad you did!